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Precisioneering has a team of certified NAARSO and AIMS inspectors, including AWS Certified Weld Inspectors/Educators, for your amusement ride needs. Our inspectors are qualified in many states, including the State of California, as QSI inspectors. Our staff has over 60 years of theme park maintenance, operations, and inspection experience.

Precisioneering's main goal is safety and client satisfaction. We conduct on-site inspections with the client's maintenance and operations departments, providing additional training for the staff to assist in reducing future inspection deficiencies.

We conduct all inspections using Precisioneering's proprietary reporting software "ACES" (Audit Control Evaluation Software). This powerful software can be tailored to each client's needs to ensure all reporting requirements are met. "ACES" is used in the field during the inspection process using electronic tablets, so the client can better understand the reporting process and is able to address any inspection issues. "ACES" reports can be emailed directly from the field, in real time, for immediate client access. Our software can also generate a wide variety of report formatting, including:

  1. Photographic record inclusion or exclusion,
  2. Scalable Excel formatting,
  3. Customizable by date, inspector, classification, ride or device, department, deficiency category, location, reference standards, and key words.

A sample of an "ACES" report is available upon request.

As an optional service, Precisioneering also provides ride inspection training for the client's key personnel. Notably, we are recognized by the State of California as an approved QSI training company.

Amusement Ride Inspections Amusement Ride Inspections Amusement Ride Inspections