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Welcome to Precisioneering, a company highly qualified to assist with your amusement ride needs. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the amusement ride industry, performing comprehensive inspections and audits throughout the country and the world. All of our inspectors came from the maintenance and operation side of the amusement industry, and know exactly how to best assist owner/operators.

Precisioneering offers a multitude of services, including safety inspections, documentation audits, ride manufacturer assembly, fabrication and installation audits, maintenance/operation training, welder qualification, welding inspection/documentation, and more. We have developed powerful proprietary reporting software "ACES" (Audit Control Evaluation Software), which employs electronic tablets in the field. "ACES" is totally customizable for each client's needs to ensure accurate and precise information.

Precisioneering recommends carefully chosen professional companies to offer you the most comprehensive services possible. Theses services include technical writing, NDT inspection and video capturing services. Click the "Services" tab for more information regarding the services each company can provide.